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Hey, I’m Elli! I make websites and other fun things.

That’s me with my husband, Jason. I’ve been designing and coding for about 12 years now, ever since I wanted to create a fansite for The Sims. What started as a hobby has grown into a career! And eight years later, I’m a professional developer. I’m currently working toward my associates degree in Computer Science!

Jason and Elli

This is what I do.

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  • Website design
  • UI design
  • Logos & branding
  • Landing pages


  • Website development
  • UI development
  • WordPress
  • Forums & communities

My experience

2007 - Present

elli mccale Designer & Developer

As a freelancer, I meet with clients to outline project goals and discuss specifications for various jobs such as logo design, brand identity, website design and development, WordPress development, SEO optimization, and more.

I also design themes and develop open-source plugins for ProBoards (a forum software) for fun and keep my mind busy.

2017 - 2020

SoFi UI Developer

At SoFi, I was a core contributor to developing, testing, documenting, and continually maintaining a robust, internal web component library built with React.js and styled-components. These components were built to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards and thoroughly tested across multiple browsers and devices for responsiveness and mouse, keyboard, and touch interactions. Using my semantic HTML and inclusive design expertise, I supported multiple engineering teams through a large-scale user accessibility audit of SoFi web applications.

While on the Member Experience team, I worked in an agile environment alongside product owners, designers, and other developers to implement new features on the SoFi member dashboard. I contributed to new React components, improved the structure and appearance of existing components, and made changes that reduced the overall page load time by an average of two seconds.

I later joined the Communications team, where I collaborated end-to-end with product owners, back-end developers, and contractors to wireframe, design, and develop an internal tool that tracked the real-time status of communications to SoFi customers. Before leaving SoFi, I formally standardized their email development process and wrote complete documentation.

Additionally, I regularly consulted members of the marketing team on best practices for HTML email templating, improved existing email templates, and produced new templates while managing larger responsibilities on primary teams.

2013 - 2017

Adobe Front-end Developer

I was the primary marketing developer for the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud product suites. My in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript went toward producing responsive landing pages and email templates for high-profile digital marketing campaigns.

I coordinated with product owners, copywriters, and designers to gather content and produce product pages using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) on In this respect, I effectively acted as a project manager, as it was my responsibility to assemble content and meet tight deadlines.

Once a project was completed, I worked with language translators and international stakeholders to initiate, review, and publish translations of product pages, landing pages, and email templates—among other material—in nearly two-dozen languages.